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SPILANTES EXTRACT (Acmella Oleracea Extract)

Spilanthes Extract is obtained from Acmella Oleracea, an annual herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae.

It is nicknamed „botanical Botulinum Toxin A without side effects“ -  indeed a very applicable description. Spilantes Extract is excellently tolerable and extremely effective. It is an anti-ageing active ingredient that has shown to reduce wrinkles when used regularly. Spilantes Extract contains Spilanthol that gently soothes the nerve receptors on the skin's surface and thus relieves muscle-induced skin tension. Facial expression lines are visibly smoothed and softened. 

Natural Botulinum Toxin A

If you want to get rid off visible expression lines in a gentle and safe way, you are well advised to opt for facial care with Spilantes Extract as an effective Botulinum Toxin A alternative.

Spilantes Extract’s high Spilanthol content is the base of a considerable reduction of expression lines. There are no known side-effects.