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Protect Extreme Line from Faye Labs

Faye Labs' PROTECT EXTREME collection offers comprehensive protection against sun-induced skin damage.

Dermatologist developed these anti-ageing protecting formulas including Faye Labs' unique Swiss Peptide Complexcombined with a high concentration of our Anti-Oxidant Liposome Complex to protect the skin from sun induced damage. These formulas

possess antioxidant properties that promot skin moisture,

even out skin tone and minimise UV damage.

The Anti-Oxidant Liposome Complex enhances skin penetration and potency and contains liposomes of Q10, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.


Q10 is a naturally occurring enzyme that is essential for good skin health. Combined with Vitamin E and Vitamin C it reduces the appearance of aged skin and wrinkles.
Last but not least, we use a combination of best in class sun protection filters that comply with all relevant safety and environmental requirements and inhibit the formation of sun induced wrinkles.




Protective Day Cream - Schützende Tagescreme - Gesichtscreme - Sonnenschutz
Protective Day Cream SPF 50

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CHF 57.50
Protective Set - Schützende Hautpflege - UV Schutz - UV Protection - Antioxidans
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Protect Extreme Trio Set
CHF 135.00 CHF 168.00
Protective Serum - Schützendes Serum - Gesichtspflege
Protective Night Cream - Schützende Nachtcreme - Gesichtscreme - Hautpflege
Protective Night Cream

1 review
CHF 57.50