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Firming Eye Cream


Visibly improves firmness and decreases wrinkle depth around your eyes

Intensely nourishing, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, improve elasticity, and reduces eye puffiness. Your skin's barrier function gets strengthened.

Firming Eye Cream

contains Faye Labs’ unique Swiss Peptide Complex, in combination with high-dose of Retinol and REFORCYL®, revamping the integrity of the skin barrier and strengthens your skin's own antioxidant protective system. This improves hydration, firmness, elasticity and smoothness of your skin and shows visible improvement of wrinkle depth in the eye area.

Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E are also part of our formulation to support the eye cream's excellent overall effectiveness.

Essential Sandalwood Oil

High-grade Essential Sandalwood Oil appears with a light, woody and soft odour, without straining skin by artificial chemical fragrances. It has an unparalleled ability for your skin renewal.

Our Firming Eye Cream scores a codecheck green rating of 96% (96/100).


How To Use our Anti Ageing Firming Eye Cream? 

It’s important to remember that when using any type of skincare product around the eye area you must be gentle! Always pat or dab rather than rub products into this delicate area since rubbing can cause further damage to already thin skin. When applying firming eye cream make sure to start at the inner corner of your eyelids and move outwards in small tapping motions until all areas are covered evenly–but never closer than one centimeter from your actual eyeball! Make sure to use this type of product every day as part of your morning skincare routine before applying makeup for best results!


Firming eye cream is an essential part of any skincare routine because it helps keep delicate skin around the eyes hydrated while also reducing wrinkles and dark circles over time. With its special blend of active ingredients designed specifically for use near the eyes including peptides, antioxidants, retinol and more—firming eye cream is one product you won't want to miss adding to your daily beauty regimen! Whether you're looking for a quick fix or long-term solution for aging skin around the eyes—the firming eye cream could be just what you need! So go ahead—give yourself permission to take care of yourself with this nourishing product today!