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Codecheck Green Label - all products from Faye Labs are certified

Faye Labs: Clean Cosmetics with the Green Label from CodeCheck

Only the best for skin and environment: The new Swiss skincare brand Faye Labs provides your skin with a highly effective mix of natural and innovative ingredients. With 19 products from six different lines, the sustainable clean beauty brand now meets the highest demands for effective skin care. All newly developed products carry the CodeCheck Green Label.

Formulations from Faye Labs completely avoid controversial, potentially critical ingredients that can have negative effects on health and the environment. With the Clean Cosmetics products from the new Swiss brand Faye Labs, you can therefore also have unlimited confidence that the skin care is safe, clean and maximally sustainable, but still highly effective and at a better price-performance ratio than many luxury cosmetics brands.

Clean Skin care products „made in Switzerland“

Faye Labs combines valuable, environmentally friendly ingredients with advanced technology in its state-of-the-art skin care. Powerful natural ingredients combine with high-tech active ingredients and peptides (protein building blocks) to keep your skin in optimal health. The result is an extremely high-quality, yet affordable skin care - without problematic ingredients, without compromise.

Awarded in 2023: The CodeCheck Green Label

All Faye Labs products carry the CodeCheck Green Label with scores ranging from 93 to 98. The CodeCheck Green Label shows both in the app and clearly on the products that they are recommended and consist of at least 90 percent green and safe ingredients. This means they are absolutely safe for health and the environment.

Sustainable: manufacturing and packaging at Faye Labs

The products are developed in-house at Faye Labs in Switzerland by experts, manufactured CO2-neutral, sustainably packaged and shipped environmentally friendly. The simple yet luxurious design is recyclable and the shipping is CO2 compensated in recycled packaging boxes with DPD. Another elementary pillar of Faye Labs is social commitment. Faye Labs donates one percent of its sales to World Bicycle Relief, a non-profit organization that provides robust bicycles to people in need in developing countries so that they can reach educational, work and health facilities.

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