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Reforcyl shows a seven-fold efficacy against the appearance of mature skin: hydration, firmness, wrinkle depth, elasticity, smoothness, barrier strength and regeneration are all markedly improved.

The plant Gynostemma pentaphyllum from the Far East activates
the liver X receptor (LXR), a master regulator of epidermal lipid
synthesis. Through the stimulation of the epidermal lipid
synthesis, the skin barrier is restored from within.

The Western plant Cistus incanus strengthens the reduced
antioxidative defence system found in mature skin. Reactive
oxygen species are neutralised, thus preventing further damage
to the skin barrier.


Method: Determination of the wrinkle depth of crows feet using

Primos, with the addition of digital photographs.

Implementation: Twice daily application of a gel with 3 % REFORCYL®. Treatment period: 28 days; 20 test subjects of Caucasian

skin type; age: 50 – 70 years; wrinkle depth measured on day 0,

14 and 28.

Result: Treatment with 3 % REFORCYL® leads to a statistically significant

reduction in wrinkle depth of 9 % after 14 days and 14 %

after 28 days.

The wrinkle smoothing effect of REFORCYL® can be seen in the pictures with the naked eye.

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